“But…I’m not at the top of my class.”

“But…My GPA / GMAT isn’t ___++”

“But…I don’t have any networks in my target consulting firms.”

“But…I don’t have any consulting experience.”

These are the fears that I often hear from students looking to land in consulting.  I see you talking yourselves out of a job before you’ve even applied.  I see you building up your competition into epic proportions.  I see you pre-screening yourselves out on behalf of your target firms.

Only a minority of candidates have existing networks at the decision-making levels in their target firms.  Even fewer candidates have 100% directly relevant experience.  And there is only one “top of the class” in every class.

But in Canada alone, there are tens of thousands of professionals working for firms like McKinsey, BCG, Bain, and the “Big Four” consulting firms like Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG, and PwC.  Every year, their growth depends on acquiring top talent at all levels — including interns and new graduates.

The only way to fail is to not even apply.  Develop your cover letter and resume as best as you can.  Put in the time to prepare for your behavioural, case, and final-round interviews.  And when you’re finally on deck, just give it your best shot.  Because, why not you?