During these first few months of Covid-19, I’ve noticed an increase in reading list recommendations.  So I thought I’d share two of my favourite blogs:

  1. Seth Godin.
  2. Paul Graham.

Now, I do know my audience.  You’re students interested in careers in consulting.  You’re early career consultants looking to go deeper into consulting.  But I’ve always seen strong parallels between building a career and building a start-up.

Here are some favourite readings from these blogs:

  • Hard Work vs. Long Work (Seth Godin).  While you read this, remember, that your early days as a consultant aren’t always glamorous. But do enough of the un-glamorous work really well, and you may get tapped to do the hard work.
  • Do Things that Don’t Scale (Paul Graham).  While you read this essay, just substitute the word “startup” for “career”, and you’ll find some pretty good advice.
  • How to Write Usefully (Paul Graham).  When I was in university, my strategy course grade assigned participation a whopping 20% of my final mark.  At midterm, I received feedback from my professor that cemented how I approached boardroom participation:  “you don’t speak often, but when you do, what you say is insightful.”  Give some thought to this.  Perhaps be the person that commands airtime not by volume, but by value.

Happy Reading!