In consulting, depending on the service line, the work can vary so much that you’ll think that you and your colleagues work at different firms.  You’re literally running completely different races. (Note: We cover the key consulting service lines, and more, in the Consulting Career Playbook.  Click here for more information.)

So, why are you using the SAME cover letter and resume for EVERY position you apply to?  And why are you networking and preparing for interviews (especially case interviews) the SAME way for EVERY position you apply to? In a typical recruiting season, you could easily be targeting 20+ jobs.  Are they really all identical?


…if you’re applying for a job at Deloitte…prepare for Deloitte.

…if you’re applying for a job in strategy…prepare for strategy.

…if you’re applying for a job in operations…prepare for operations.

…if you’re applying for a job in human capital…prepare for human capital.

…if you’re applying for a job in technology…well, you get the idea.

AND, if you’re applying for a job…prepare for that specific job.

Want to maximize your chances of landing a consulting offer?  Take a close look at every job that you apply for — and prepare your application, networking, and interviewing for THAT firm, THAT service line, and THAT job.


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