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For Employers

In the war for consulting top talent, as an employer, you face a number of key challenges:

  1. The need to find and secure consulting top talent efficiently.  You need to find consulting top talent in numbers and/or complexity that is constantly changing to your firm’s evolving requirements.  But, you’re constrained by limited time and resources – there are only so many university and college campuses you can visit.
  2. The need to find and secure consulting top talent effectively.  You need to find consulting top talent, which increasingly includes niche / emerging talent (e.g. digital talent).  But, often the most in-demand candidates are sophisticated, digitally-savvy students who don’t follow the traditional on-campus recruiting herd – where are they hiding?

As an employer, you need to tap into horizontal consulting top talent networks (i.e. across the traditional “one university at a time” silos).  Consulting Confidential can help you respond to these challenges through our Consulting Top Talent Resume Books and our Consulting Top Talent Network.

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Consulting Top Talent Resume Books

Based on your firm’s unique set of role and experience requirements, we can run custom “calls for applications” for undergraduate and graduate students at selected universities and colleges in Canada who are actively seeking internship and full time positions in consulting.  We can screen the applicants’ cover letters and resumes, and run initial behavioural interviews, and deliver a Consulting Top Talent Resume Book.

These resume books can cover the “traditional” lines of service (e.g. strategy, operations, human capital, and technology), as well as the emerging talent demand areas (e.g. digital talent).

Please email us at for more information.

Consulting Top Talent Network

Consulting Confidential has built networks across all of the top universities and colleges across Canada – this is particularly helpful to consulting firms who have more specialized requirements (e.g. students with specific industry experience, or service line experience).  Upon request, we can reach out to our network to source candidates for your firm’s unique set of role and experience requirements.

Please email us at for more information.

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