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We help students and new graduates pursue careers in consulting.

For Students

The traditional “one size fits all” approach to preparing for consulting recruitment is no longer optimal for today’s complex, highly diverse industry.  Consulting has undergone significant industry transformation — and so too have its recruitment and talent demands.

Whether you’re pursuing an internship, a new graduate, or a recent graduate position, your single most important strategic advantage will be this:  learning and practicing for today’s market, today’s recruiting process, today’s talent demands.  That’s why we’ve designed learning solutions and career resources specifically with this in mind.  These solutions and resources are described below.

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Learning Solutions

We help our students learn about consulting as an industry and a profession, and prepare for consulting recruitment, through:

Career Resources

  • Featured Jobs – We provide a curated list of consulting job postings from the “strategy” and “Big Four” firms, with a focus on the Canadian market.
  • Career Advice – We provide advice, best practices, and lessons learned on a broad spectrum of topics related to the consulting industry and the consulting recruitment process, with a focus on the Canadian market.

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