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Online Classes

The traditional “one size fits all” approach to preparing for consulting recruitment is no longer optimal for today’s complex, highly diverse industry.  Consulting has undergone significant industry transformation — and so too have its recruitment and talent demands.  That’s why we’ve designed online classes with today’s industry in mind:

Level 1 – Learn 

Level 1 of the Consulting Career Preparation Program consists of two (2) essential bootcamps, which are the online, self-study foundation level training for students preparing for consulting recruitment:

  1. Consulting 101 Bootcamp [Registration Now Open]
  2. Case 101 Bootcamp [Coming June 2020].

Level 2 – Practice  

Upon completion of Consulting Career Preparation Program Level 1, students are eligible to attend Level 2, for guided consulting case interview practice.  Students will have two options:

  1. Small Group Case Workshops [Coming Soon].
  2. One-on-One Case Preparation [Coming Soon].

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